Displacement of Air

Displacement of Air is the music and sound of Joe Straub


Joe Straub is a composer, musician and sound artist from Los Angeles, California. He creates music and sound for live performance, recorded media and various combinations of both. His work includes pieces for concert performance, installation, CD, web, animation and film. He works both as a solo artist and in collaboration with many other artists and projects. He is currently based in Berlin, Germany.

His solo work is engaging, emotional and socially aware. It often plays with the boundaries between composed and improvised music, live and recorded sound, and organically and synthetically produced sound.  He uses and blurs these distinctions to draw correlations to the relationships between simulation and reality, normal and absurd, beautiful and grotesque, etc.

Joe works in a highly improvisatory fashion creating a unique blend of various acoustic instruments, voice, electronic processing and synthesis. Drawing inspiration from a variety of musical forms, including contemporary classical and avant-garde, experimental noise, jazz and blues, and folk music from around the world; he creates music that is eclectic, dynamic and provocative.

In collaboration with others, Joe works on a variety of projects. He has composed music and designed sound for motion picture, performed and recorded with several music ensembles, and developed music and sound for live dance, puppetry, and other performance mediums.

He holds a BFA in music composition and performance from California Institute of the Arts in Valencia, California and an MA in music composition from Mills College in Oakland, California. He studied under professors James Tenney, Roscoe Mitchell, Fred Frith, Barry Schrader and Arthur Jarvinen.




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